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President & Founder

Pascale is extremely proud to be part AUXAN along with Jennifer.

Pascale has graduated from the University of Aix en Provence with a degree in Art and Archeology and also has a diploma in Management of Culture from the University of Lausanne. Now retired, she worked as an assistant in a Theatre in Romandie and was responsible for the administration, as well as the implementation and management of all the shows, artists and the public.

There are a great number of associations today which do very good work. So why did Pascale choose AUXAN? Simply because of Jennifer’s relentless passion and vocation, which have no limits when it comes to looking after our four-legged friends. We ask you to join us and help us to change things -today.



Jennifer is a resident of Switzerland and works as a full-time manager in the medical sector. Her passion: help animals. Before creating her association, Auxan, Jennifer had been a volunteer for 15 years in the animal welfare sector. A philanthropist by nature, she devotes her free time to both her charitable association Auxan as well as her business “Les Delices de Jenny Sarl”. 

Jennifer has created a range of gluten free products “Les Granolas de Jenny” as well as her association “Auxan Animalibus”. The two structures are linked, the profits from the first are redistributed to the second. There is no question of only depending on donations to the association, she also invests her time in generating revenues in parallel to help subsidise the charity.

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