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AUXAN is a small but very active charity, which believes in full disclosure of money raised and medical equipment donated and how it is being spent and redistributed globally. 

Our accounts are certified each year by an external independant auditor, in Switzerland.

Each year, we try and exceed our expectations by creating new collaborations in order to improve the welfare of animals internationally.

Our Finances
2021 - 2022

12-Graphis AUXAN 2023-15.png


  • Private donations

  • Donations from companies and organisations

  • Inheritances and Legacies

  • Fundraising activities

  • Profits generated from the sales of “Les Granolas de Jenny” (a premium gluten free granola); all profits are donated to AUXAN non-profit organisation

Our resources come exclusively from specific initiatives and customised campaigns.

These take the form of:

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