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AUXAN, Swiss non-profit association devoted to the protection of animals, serving public interest

About Us

AUXAN was founded in May 2013 in Morges, near Lausanne, Switzerland. It is an officially recognised non-profit association devoted to the protection of animals, serving public interest and with no political affiliation. AUXAN’s primary objective is to help and support animal rescue centres and associations in difficulty, both in Switzerland and other countries, so that they can continue to take in, care for and feed animals (cats, dogs, horses, etc.) that are either homeless or abandoned, ill-treated or at risk.

Origin of the association's name "AUXAN"

The name is a combination of two Latin terms: 


which means help, aid, assistance 



one of the plural Latin forms of the word “animalis” or animals


The assistance given to each animal shelter in difficulty is defined on a case-by-case basis according to their specific needs. The support can take the form of:

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Donations of food for the animals

Help in purchasing equipment for the improvement of the animals’ living conditions (e.g, fencing, heating)

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Donations of medical supplies (disposable or equipment) enabling veterinarians to treat animals in optimal conditions

Financial aid to cover outstanding invoices or veterinary fees 

Provide coaching to help  charities gain more visibility

Occasional animal fostering

Auxan in 4 key figures

Over the past 8 years, the AUXAN Association has made it possible to save thousands of animals in distress:

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Since 2013, our non-profit association Auxan has helped animals in the following countries: Belgium, Brazil, China, France, Greece, Hungary, India, Mauritius, Morocco, Nicaragua, Romania, South Africa, Spain, Switzerland, Thailand, Ukraine.