Where does TheftReport work?

Right now, we only cover the state of California, but we have plans for expansions soon!

Why is TheftReport free? How do you guys make money?

We're a couple of college students who care about doing good. We've personally experienced using the police agencie's online filing systems--and they are TERRIBLE. We're determined to make a better experience, and don't intend to make a profit. TheftReport is 100% completely free, and it always will be. By the way, we don't sell your information to anyone. See the FAQ below.

Do you sell the information we upload?

We will never sell or rent your personal data. We also commit to never sell or rent anonymized user data. Please see our Terms and Conditions (linked at the bottom of the home page) for more details.

Once I submit, how quickly do you guys file the police report?

It varies by police juristiction, as some agencies only accept paper filings or phone calls. - If the agency has an online portal, we will file within the hour. - If paper filings are required, your paperwork will be in the mail by the next buiness day. - If a phone call is required, we will call on your behalf within 1 business day.