June 2016, Budapest - In aid of the association Mentsvar AZ – Allatokert

Further to a visit from this association in April 2016, the president of AUXAN donated several packets of ZYLKENE™, which is a food supplement based on milk protein used to helping pets (cats and dogs) to overcome temporary periods of stress related to a new environment or other changes in the animal’s habits (change of house, leaving on holiday, etc.). With this donation, AUXAN also hoped to relieve some dogs suffering from an advanced state of stress due to severe ill-treatment. About the rescue centre… The centre is located in Kecskemét, 90 kilometres from Budapest, and is the second largest in Hungary. It welcomes cats and dogs on a piece of land that was bought by a woman whose son and daughter-in-law have continued to run the association. As the Hungarian government does little to support it, the centre depends on private donations. Four or five years ago, however, when the young couple sent out a cry for help to several European associations, they were lucky enough to get one positive response from Animal Happy End, a Swiss association based in Zurich, which since then has helped them to subsist. Thanks to this privileged partnership, together with the presence on-site of a Swiss volunteer, Ornella, the 12-strong team takes in around 300 dogs a year (at one time up to 600), as well as cats. It also carries out awareness campaigns with the local population, free sterilisation, and supplies certain dog-owners with wooden kennels for their guard dogs Site web: