March 2018, Rio de Janeiro - In support of the construction of the “LAGAO” veterinary clinic in Sāo José do Imbassaí, under the supervision of Linda

Enthusiastic about the idea of building a veterinary clinic/dispensary for stray animals near Rio in Brazil, the president of AUXAN decided to join Linda’s project as early as September 2014. Linda, who is of Brazilian origin and who had lived and worked in Switzerland for more than 10 years, was also very concerned about animals and their welfare and regularly put money aside each month in the aim of realising this project. Linda owned a house in Sāo José do Imbassaí and her plan was to transform it into a veterinary clinic (for the richer clients) and dispensary (for less well-off animal owners and also for stray animals). When the golf club closed for the winter, Linda took two and a half months of vacation to go to the site and start the building work for the Lagoa clinic. When she left, AUXAN gave her some medical supplies (250 absorbable and non-absorbable sutures and some syringes) for operating and sterilising animals during her stay. Jennifer, the president of AUXAN and a novice golfer, wanted to give more long-term support to Linda’s project. It was therefore agreed that AUXAN and Linda should team up to promote the project and also to present their respective associations to the general public for the first time during a sporting event. As a result, Linda and Jennifer organised their first golf tournament in aid of animals on Sunday, 24th May 2015, with the full support of the Golf Parc du Signal de Bougy (Canton de Vaud, Switzerland). ---------- January 2016, Voluntary work at VETLAGOA During the Christmas vacation, Jennifer decided to visit Linda, the president of VetLagoa. The Parc du Signal de Bougy golf course closes for the winter and Linda, who is a Swiss resident employed there, takes advantage of her 3 months’ holiday to help animals in distress near Rio and to check the progress of the construction work on her future veterinary clinic and dispensary in Sāo José do Imbassaí. Jennifer spent 10 days with Linda and during that time was able to observe for herself the latter’s dedication and perseverance. Seventeen hours of work a day, with 3 hours every morning spent cleaning the clinic’s living quarters, which serve as a temporary shelter for the many dogs and cats that are either convalescing or awaiting adoption, plus feeding, dispensing medical care, helping the vet with surgery, welcoming new survivors, taking emergency calls, rescuing and catching animals and all the other tasks connected with future adoptions (treatment on-site or with local vets, photos and videos posted online on Facebook and WhatsApp to find adoptive families, visits to families, administration, management of adoptions and visits to fairs organised at the weekends by local associations for rehoming dogs). At the same time, Linda has to deal with the workmen and all the contingencies linked to the construction work (such as torrential rain or strong winds, which damage the building, frequent electricity cuts, the incompetence or unreliability of the workmen, etc..). In the space of 3 months, Linda performed miracles with makeshift resources. Assessment after 3 months (5th December 2015-February 2016) Concerning the construction work, the following have been completed: - A raised roof has been built at the very top of the house (this will make it possible to construct a cattery to house cats awaiting adoption) - Air-conditioning has been installed - The water inlet and the electricity system are finished - The windows have been changed to comply with veterinary norms - Separating walls have been built inside the clinic What remains to be done: - The rest of the paintwork (which must be washable) - Purchase of furniture, IT equipment, X-ray material and medical supplies - Refurbishment of the outside of the building, adding the clinic’s logo Concerning the animals this year: - Sterilisations have been carried out 3 times a week (7 or 8 animals each time) - Numerous rescues and adoptions – 25 adoptions this year so far and about 35 animals brought in, sterilised and looked after in the (future) clinic. This means that there are still many animals awaiting adoption. Photo album: Below is a link to several photos of the construction work and of course the animals. Linda would like to point out that most of the animals featuring in the photos appear to be in good health. Others, suffering from very bad health or seriously injured on their arrival (sometimes they do not survive in spite of the care given) are not shown in this album, but photos are available on request. Link to photo album: ----------
February 2016, Aid in favour of VETLAGOA During her 3-month stay in Sāo José do Imbassaí (from December 2015 to February 2016), Linda carried out several projects at the same time. Apart from following up on the progress of the construction work on the future VETLAGOA clinic/dispensary, she was also involved in rescuing cats and dogs in distress in the region, taking care of them and trying to find them new homes. The president of AUXAN visited Linda in January 2016 to find out more about the clinic project and also to witness Linda’s daily combat for animals in difficulty on-site (please see the EVENTS tab for further information). In February 2016, AUXAN gave some medical equipment, especially syringes, to help treat feral cats and some Zylkène™, which is a natural sedative made from milk protein for calming animals suffering from stress or anxiety. Donation of medical supplies to VetLagoa, February 2016 ---------- August 2016: donation of medical supplies Thanks to the generous donation of anti-flea and anti-tick products by the Swiss laboratory BIOKEMA, AUXAN was able to give 40 packets of ADVANTIX ™ and 4 packets of BRAVECTO for VETLAGOA’s dogs. After Linda’s month-long visit in August 2016, when she discovered an infestation of fleas, AUXAN helped eradicate these by treating all the dogs and cats with a donation of 20 packets (of 6 pipettes each) of FRONTLINE™ ---------- In February and March 2018, AUXAN donated some medical equipment ( sutures, sterile gloves, seringues, surgical clamps, desinfectants,etc..) as well as office supplies ( 2 laptops, 2 Smartphones) to help equip the new Veterinary Clinic, Vet Lagoa, which opened beginning of 2018. LINDA PINTO, VETLAGOA charity , email: