December 2017, Bucharest - In aid of the association Take Me Home Foundation (« LA-MA-ACASE »)

In March 2017, AUXAN made a contribution to support this privately-owned shelter, located in the surroundings of Bucharest. Thanks to this donation, the president and founder, Valeria, was able to buy several hundreds of kilos of dried food to help feed the 400 dogs of this shelter. In June 2017, AUXAN donated enough to buy more stock of dried food for the dogs. In August 2017, Jennifer visited the shelter and thanks to the donation, the association Take Me Home Foundation bought 1 ton of dried food. Let’s not forget that there are only 2 employees running this shelter! In December 2017, AUXAN made a donation to Valeria’s shelter to help buy some dried food for the dogs in this winter period ---------- August 2017, Bucharest - Visit to Take Me Home Foundation Shelter Visit of the Romanian dog shelter, LA-MA-ACASA/ TAKE ME HOME FOUNDATION, that AUXAN supports since March 2017. Meeting with the founder of the shelter, Valeria, the personnel taking care of the dogs on a daily basis and a volunteer. This shelter, located 1h30/2h from Bucharest, needs support (e.g equipment to renew the kennels, a van to transport food to the shelter, etc..)